We Love Performers

We are excited to offer to your student the best in instruction in four Fine Arts disciplines.  Students will be required to take all four disciplines; however, each student will receive intensive training in the Fine Arts discipline of his or her specialty.

The core will be comprised of dance – all styles, vocal – both Broadway and contemporary, acting – theatre and commercial, instrumental music – keyboard, guitar and percussion.  Music theory will be also taught at the core level of instruction.

At DFW PAC, seasoned, working professionals will train students using cutting edge industry standards.  Some of the courses offered are taught by professionals with Dallas Summer Musicals, a Grammy affiliated music and vocal instructors and some of the Nations top dance instructors/choreographers.

In a public school setting normally 35 to 40 hours per week will be devoted to academics and limited electives (sports, band, etc).   At the PAC we believe your student’s time can be better divided between academics (approximately 22 hours per week) and his or her preferred Fine Arts discipline (approximately 14-15 hours per week).  Most students after spending a full day in public school (35 to 40 hours) will supplement his or her fine arts desire with after hours classes which can last until 8:00pm most evenings.  At the PAC we believe a more concentrated effort on academics and fine arts can be done within normal public school hours.  This leaves more time in the evenings for family time, homework or more fine arts classes in the student’s fine art specialty.

By becoming a member of the PAC, the student is offered uncompromising academic educational opportunity rounded out by an unparalleled professional opportunity in fine arts.  Just imagine how your student will grow in the industry based on devoting 14-15 hours per week on Fine Arts during the school year!

Why can’t you get this training in school?   You can if you join the PAC!!!!!


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