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Our nationally accredited Academic program is the best available and Fine Arts will be taught by instructors who are seasoned working professional who train students using cutting edge industry standards.

Have you ever wondered why your child has so much busy homework often spending 3 or 4 hours each evening when they have just spent seven to 8 hours in a public school? Does your child have a tendency toward performing arts, so they often will take after-school classes in their desired field of interest? Does your child often go to bed late at night so tired you have trouble getting them up the next morning?

We have the solution.  At the PAC, we offer the best of all worlds for the performing arts-gifted child. We believe that academics can often be completed in about 4 hours a day with minimal homework, which leaves time in the school day to study in their field of interest.



All students must apply for and be granted admission to our curriculum to either BJU or Keystone, depending on grade level. Both BJU and Keystone are Nationally Accredited curriculums. The application will be made through the administrative operation of the PAC. Admission to BJU or Keystone and thus the Academic Programs of the PAC will be done by BJU and Keystone. The student may have to comply with certain tests prior to admission. The PAC will notify the student when tests are required and coordinate with the student, parent, and BJU or Keystone for the completion of those tests. This will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis by the administration of the PAC working with the counselors or administrators of BJU and Keystone.

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We are excited to offer your student the best in instruction in four Fine Arts disciplines. Students will be required to take all four disciplines; however, each student will receive intensive training in the Fine Arts discipline of his or her specialty.

The core will be comprised of dance – all styles, vocal – both Broadway and contemporary, drama – theatre and commercial, instrumental music – keyboard, guitar, and percussion. Musical theory will be also taught at the core level of instruction.

At DFW PAC, seasoned, working professionals will train students using cutting-edge industry standards. Some of the professionals will include courses offered by Dallas Summer Musicals, a former Radio Disney vocal coach, a Grammy affiliated music instructor, and some of the Nations’s top dance instructors.

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I cannot begin to tell you how excited we are about this valuable investment in our son and his future. This past weekend, he led worship for the young people at Church and I noticed how much stronger his vocals were. He attributed all the growth in his voice to his first few weeks at PAC.  He is absolutely loving it! Thank you again for granting us this opportunity. It is greatly appreciated!
M. Cohen -
After attending a classic private school for years, we transitioned our daughter to DFW PAC so she could further pursue her passion in performing arts, specifically singing and acting.  We were initially tentative as to how our high school freshman would adjust to her new non-traditional scholastic life of performing arts and a home school curriculum.  It has been just a little over half a year and I have to say that we are very pleased with her overall development! We have not only seen improvement in her music and acting, but also in dance which she had not taken since she was very young.  Having all four of the arts has enhanced her stage presence and confidence tremendously!  In addition, she has been introduced to the demands of a flexible, individually-paced curriculum that have continued to challenge her.  We have seen her maintain an A average and also become more responsible by taking ownership of her studies.  Most importantly, our daughter loves the school and the family-like atmosphere she is surrounded by.  We would highly recommend DFW PAC to any child looking to pursue their passion in the arts!
J. Cherrett -
My son had a workshop audition for theatre the other day where he had to to do choreography and I was allowed to watch. The change PAC has made in his dance is incredible! He doesn’t aspire to be a dancer but he needs basic dance skills and he’s come a long way. I actually wish he would take an extra dance class after school but either way he definitely was able do the routine and add a bit of flare to it!
L. Macaulay -
As the parent of a child who has always struggled to find where he fit in, I am thankful every day for DFW PAC. Not only is my child happy to attend school (for the first time ever), he feels that he has a school family that accepts him for who he is. He is challenged not only academically, but also in the arts, and he is growing into a confident and talented performer. He chooses to be at PAC because he loves the teachers, loves the students, and loves the PAC family. Without PAC, our lives would be much harder where school is concerned. PAC has offered my son a place to be what he wants to be- a student passionate about music. It has enabled him to find friends who feel as strongly as he does, and a whole group of parents who cheer him on to be successful. The opportunities that PAC offer to my child cannot be replicated- he is so lucky to be a part of this amazing group.

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