Academics are Important at PAC

All students must apply for and be granted admission to our curriculum to either BJU or Keystone, depending on grade level.  The application will be made through the administrative operation of the PAC.  Admission to BJU or Keystone and thus the Academic Programs of the PAC will be done by BJU and Keystone.  Both BJU and Keystone are Nationally Accredited curriculums.  The student may have to comply with certain tests before admission.  The PAC will notify the student when tests are required and coordinate with the student, parent, and BJU or Keystone to complete those tests.  This will be evaluated on a case by case by the administration of the PAC working with the counselors or administrators of BJU and Keystone.

The method of instruction in high school will be a self-­paced independent study for each student using the Keystone delivery systems.  The lower grades are teacher-directed and paced for grades 4th – 7th.  The high school courses are designed so each student may begin at any time and the student and the PAC academic staff can control the pace at which they learn. The PAC and the student will also decide when to submit the progress tests. This flexible format is perfect for a variety of students. Although the student determines the pace, the PAC is acutely aware of the need for a timeline for each student to keep them on pace for graduation.

At the PAC all course studies will reflect the PAC’s dual mission of a pre-­professional and college preparation program regardless of the grade level of the student.  As the student moves from grade to grade, the student will be expected to develop a strong foundation in the performing arts and excellent skills in academics.  The general requirements are listed below under the grade level headings.

The PAC Grades 4 through 7 Requirements:

The 4th through 7th-grade requirements are based upon BJU’s requirements according to how the student tested on their placement test upon enrolling in DFW PAC.  For more information about the BJU curriculum please click here.

The PAC High School Graduation Requirements:

Keystone has set forth a minimum of 21 credits for graduation from High School. Our goal at the PAC is for our students to graduate with at least 23 credits to be prepared to attend the college of their choosing.  If a student elects the 21-credit hour plan, he or she may still be eligible for college admission, but usually, the choices are more limited.  Without that notification, the 23-­hour credit plan will be automatically assumed to be selected.

Keystone is nationally accredited by Middle States, the highest form of accreditation in the country.  Keystone is accredited, licensed, or approved by the following organizations:

It is suggested that you contact any future educational establishments to inquire if Credit by Exam is required for enrollment or if the transfer of Keystone Curriculum Credits is sufficient.

For more information about the Keystone curriculum please click here.


Once a student enters the PAC, a complete review of the existing transcript will be a top priority to determine the proper classification. From that review, a year-­by­-year graduation plan will be developed.

In general, students taking Keystone courses are required to have 4.0 credits each in English, Mathematics, Science, and Social Sciences. Added to that will be requirements in Languages, Fine Arts, Health, and Electives.  There is a wide array of electives from which the student may select.  The PAC will provide a list of those courses to the student and the parent.  If a student decides they would like to take AP classes there will be an additional charge for electing those classes.  Please contact the PAC for more information.


All students will take courses in all four areas (acting, singing, dance, and instrumental music) of the Fine Arts with an emphasis on their declared arts specialty.  Upon graduation from PAC, the student will receive a diploma from Keystone for academics and a certificate of achievement from DFW PAC for Fine Arts.


For both Calvert and Keystone students, homework is a requirement.  A student who works at an average pace will have 4-­5 hours of homework per week.  Students that work at a slower pace will need to spend more time on homework.

Progress Reports:

Parents will be notified of students’ grades and academic progress throughout the school year.  If a student falls behind then he/she will be required to make the work up over the summer on their own if the academic year has ended.


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